Le Marche, Mountains, lakes and seaside.

Pescara Airport

Plan of airport

with directions to A14 Autostrada.

After collecting your luggage and exiting into the main airport building you will find the Hire Car desks in the corner to your right (red boxes on the plan).

After collecting your hire car, in our opinion it is best to exit the airport as shown by the arrows. Turn right, you are on the right side of the road without crossing traffic.

Continue along this main road to the A14 motorway despite the fact that the road directions tell you to turn right at the traffic lights.

It is only about 10 minutes drive. the first 2 km. is built up area. Just drive slowly and watch out for traffic lights. The lights are not always as obvious as those in the UK. 

About 5 km you will see the sign for the A14 to your left. Pull into the central lane to make the left turn. As you drive into the motorway there is a large roundabout in front of you, turn right and go around the roundabout in an anticlockwise direction.

Motorway signEnter the motorway through a barrier with a sign showing tickets and also showing a green light.

Collect you ticket to raise the barrier.

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