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A collection of photographs of Monte Rinaldo in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

 Monte Rinaldo is a small hilltop village with only 134 families and a population of 412 according to the 2001 census.

The inhabitants are known as monterinaldese and their patron saint is San Leonardo.

Monte Rinaldo holds a feast during the 1st week of August 'La Bistecca di Castrato. "Lamb steaks".

Monte Rinaldo is well known for its Pecorino cheese which is matured in a covering of wild herbs. Also of note is the Hellenistic temple  found just outside the village and is datable around the I - II century before Christ. It is surrounded by numerous Roman villas yet to be excavated.

Monte Rinaldo with surrounding vineyards.Monte Rinaldo, a hilltop village.


Via Borgo Vecchio 1Via Borgo Vecchio 2.Via Roma

Portale from Via RomaPortale from Via Borgo Vecchio 1.Portale from Via Borgo Vecchio 2.Monte Rinaldo street.

Exit to Via RomaStepsVia MunicipioPortale from Via Roma 2.

Via Roma 3.Piazza Umberto I.Monte Rinaldo, outer road.



Monte Rinaldo, brick architecture mid 1700's.Chiesa del SS. Sacramento e del RosarioChiesa del SS. Sacramento e del Rosario, Monte Rinaldo.Via Roma leading to v. Borgo Vecchio.



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