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Exchange Rate Converter
in World Currencies 

Using the gocurrency.com currency calculator.

Use the calculator to view our prices in your own currency. Add the page to your 'Favourites' as a useful tool to help you plan and budget your vacation.

Searching your currency - countries are shown as adjectives e.g.

POUND sterling or U.K.-GBP is listed as British Pound,
U.S.A.-USD as American dollar, Canada-CAD as Canadian dollar etc.
E.U. - EUR as Euro

Currency Converter.

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Disclaimer. Le Belle Marche, in good faith, provide you with the above currency converter using one of the best on-line sources of forex (Foreign Exchange). It is only included as a useful tool for converting our prices - normally quoted in euros or occasionally in pounds sterling. We are not soliciting you to buy or sell currency through the providers of the information. Le Belle Marche does not accept any liability as to the accuracy of any information given.