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Province of Macerata, Le Marche, Italy.

Sarnano has a population of 3.375 and the people are known as sarnanesi. The town is 12 km north of Amandola and 45 km south of Macerata. 

Sarnano is one of the few towns with its historic centre intact. The historic centre dates back to the 13th and 14th century. At the top of the hill is the Piazza Alta and below, more or less concentric streets down ro the present day town level. Very narrow and steep streets and alleyways, known as vicolo, join the different levels.

The town and historic centre are built almost entirely in brick.

Photo Gallery

Most of the photographs taken in the medieval historic centre of Sarnano. They were taken on 6th November 2008 and unfortunately the sky remained totally overcast.

Sarnano - Via Giacomo Leopardi. 2 Sarnano - Chiesa di S. Francesco Sarnano - Via Giacomo Leopardi.4 Sarnano - Via Giacomo Leopardi. 5 Sarnano - Santa Maria di Piazza. Sarnano - steep vicolo. Sarnano - a steep covered vicolo. Via Giacomo Leopardi. 6 Sarnano, Via Giacomo Leopardi, down hill. Via Giacomo Leopardi Sarnano - Via Trieste ancient alley _ Sarnano Sarnano - Via della Costa Via della Costa 13th century. Via della Costa Sarnano, Via della Costa. Sarnano - Piazza Alta Sarnano _ Palazzo del Popolo. Sarnano _ Palazzo del Podestą. from Piazza Alta Sarnano - Santa Maria Assunta    Sarnano. Restored houses Sarnano - Santa Maria Assunta. beautiful pink bricks. Sarnano, small steps. Sarnano - Via di Piazza Alta.Sarnano, Church of S. Antonio Abate Bell tower of S. Francesco. Sarnano - Santa Maria di Piazza. Santa Maria di Piazza - Via Piazza Alta. Sarnano -  steep winding street. Sarnano - Porta di Brunforte Sarnano - Via Giuseppe Mazzini Salita dei Fiorelli. Sarnano - Porta di Bisio. Sarnano - Stone building. Via Bruno Buozzi. Sarnano, S. Antonio Abate and S. Maria del Carmine. Sarnano, steep alley Sarnano - Borgo Giuseppe Garibaldi. Small park in Sarnano. Sarnano - tree lined street. Sarnano. Bar and pizzeria Bell towers of Sarnano. Sarnano historic centre. Sarnano open air market. Sarnano flower stall Sarnano. Market day. Market day in Sarnano


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