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Ref. 12/075

August 31, 2012

Hello Patricia, I have put a link to the website below.
The bus company does not give a timetable, you have to insert From and To from a drop down list and select a date. This will give you a list of buses for that day with prices and opportunity to book. If you have problems booking, I'm sure you can pay on the bus. Basically, the buses leave Macerata for Rome at 02:15,
05:00, 06:15, 08:30, 10:45 and 16:15. There is an extra bus on Sundays at 18:00. The fare is 22 euro one way and 36 euro return.


Tony (Le Belle Marche)

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Ref. 12/074

August 29, 2012

Hi Harriet, A nursery is called "Asilo nitido" in Italian. There are two kinds of nursery, those run by the comune which are free and private ones which you pay for. Normally the free ones don't accept children until they are 3 yrs. old but from experience, they will usually accept a younger child if they are forward and not using nappies. I cannot trace a nursery in Monte Gilberto but below there is a link to a list of those available in the area. You can print or save the pdf document.


Tony (Le Belle Marche)

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Ref. 12/072

July 13, 2012

Hi Joyce, There are buses from Fiumicino airport to Fermo stopping at PORTO D'ASCOLI, S. BENEDETTO, GROTTAMMARE, CUPRAMARITTIMA, PEDASO, PORTO S. GIORGIO, PORTO S. ELPIDIO and MONTE URANO.

Click HERE for a printable/savable timetable.

From Arrivals at the airport follow the signs for TRAINS. You cross the main road outside of arrivals using pedestrian crossing. When you arrive at the escalator for the trains don't take the escalator, look to the left of it for the buses.

The bus you want is Red and on the side of it in Black is written ROMA FIUMICINO - LE MARCHE. If there is a destination box on the front it will also say Le Marche. You can pay the conductor. At time of writing the single fare is      22 euro and the Return fare is 37 euro.

Tony (Le Belle Marche)

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REF. 12/071

March 22, 2012

Hi I have read your request by a chance. My last name is not Marzetti but i live close to Porto S. Giorgio ( in Porto S. Elpidio)and i have heard about many Marzettis living in this area.
I suggest you to visit the following link:

http://www.paginebianche.it/ricerca?qs=marzetti&dv= marche
 that is italian white pages , relating to all the people named Marzetti present in the region Marche. As you can see there are a lot of Marzettis and except a few ones living in the northern part of Marche region , pretty far from Porto S.Giorgio , all the rest of them live in the southern part of the region along the coast. All of them live in a pretty small area.
I hope these informations can help you and i wish you good luck
Bye from Massimo

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REF. 11/068

August 26, 2011

Hi Diane, Amandola has a population of 3,823. Here are some distances with driving times:

Amandola to Spoleto (pop. 37.763) 148 km (02h:20m).

Amandola to Florence, (pop. 371.282) 306 km (4 hours).

Amandola to Rome, (pop. 2.761.477) 219 km (03h:30m).

Distances to more local towns:

Amandola to Ascoli Piceno, (pop. 51.168) 44 km (less than 1 hour).

Amandola to Porto San Giorgio, (pop. 16.384) 64 km (01h:10m).

Macerata (pop. 43.019) 56km (1hr:10m).

Comunanza (pop. 3.226) 10km (15 min).

Nearest railway station to Amandola is Porto San Giorgio with connections to the national network. (Website in English)

There is a bus service between Amandola and Porto San Giorgio but the timetable does not necessariy tie up with the train times.

Central Italy is divided east and west by the Appennine range of mountains. Rail distances can sometimes be quite long.

Le Marche is not a region of large cities or renowned for it's public transport.

It is more renowned for it's scenery, small towns and villages, mostly medieval and for it's art, history and culture.

Tony (Le Belle Marche)

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REF. 11/066 June 15, 2011.

My grandfather Nazareno Petrucci came to U.S in early 19's also. He eventually ended up in West Virginia. He was born in Piedilama. I have been doing research for years, and also plan on visiting Italy in future. If you have any other info, please contact me. This is the best site, they are so helpful.

Pat Horseman (Horsemanpatty-at-yahoo.com)


June 15, 2011

Thanks for your nice comments Pat.

Tony (Le Belle Marche).


August 13, 2011

Petrucci is a common name from Italy.....RE: Big Spings, Martinsburg, WV. Did he work at Standard Lime Company, in Martinsburg?

My grandfather.....Giovanni Rossi, and my uncle.....Louis Joseph Rossi worked at Standard. My grandfather Rossi was from Aquata Del Tronto, Italy in Marche Region of Italy. Also, my grandfather, Alfredo Spinelli, was from Arquata as well. Grandmother was Carminella Maria (Turini) Rossi, born in Piedilama. Paternal grandmother, Paulina (Piccolomini) Spinelli, was born in Arquata. Perhaps we have grandparents who were friends. Both grandfathers entered America through Ellis Island, NY in early 1900's. Get back, if you can.....
A Domenic Spinelli (notebene659-at-comcast.net)


August 13, 2011

Your grandmother Marcellina and my grandmother Paulina were first cousins.
Marcellina's father and my grandmother Paulina's father were brothers......His name was Ceasare Piccolomini.
You have relatives in Leominster, Mass.....Get back if you can.....I do remember your grandmother.....when my
father visited me in early 70's, we visited with Marcellina. Also, my aunt, Angela Rossi Ronzio, would often bring me with her,
when she visited with your grandmother. So, as the story goes, my paternal great-grandfather, Cesare Piccolomini,
was your grandmother's Uncle. Get back, if you can.....
A Domenic Spinelli (notebene659-at-comcast.net)


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REF. 11/063 May 28, 2011.

Hi Harry,

Are you worried about the house or the road? Le Marche, like many areas of Italy is subject to landslides. They usually occur on steepish land where a clay soil overlays a substrata of sedimentary rock. It is very unlikely that the house has been built in a position where it would be affected by a landslide (how long has it been there?).

The roads however are different. Many roads are affected after long periods of very heavy rain. On all main roads you will see retaining walls where land is likely to spill across the road. You need to know who is responsible for the road to the house. If it is private, you will be responsible for its maintainance. If it is communal, the local council is responsible and they usually work very quickly to open up any roads which become blocked - usually within 24 hrs.

You have probably seen the damage caused by a freak cloudburst lasting 12 hours which happened on the 1st March this year. It was not normal, it caused a great deal of damage to roads, electricity supplies and telephone lines. It was declaired a disaster area by the region as the repairs and cleaning up was very costly. Such a storm has never happened before in living memory and hopefully is not likely to happen again.

Initially, the most important roads had to be seen to firrst and then the lesser imprtant ones. If the road you are referring to is very seldom used, maybe it hasn't been repaired yet. My house is approached by a 400m. white road (gravel). This is subject to small landslides now and then after very wet weather and is normally cleaned up by the council the same day. On this last occasion. because of the workload and the continuing rain, it took them 4 days before they opened it. I have placed a photo here.

As there is no-one living in the house in question, the road to it will have no priority but when someone is living there you would never be left blocked in, they would react very quickly.

Tony (Le Belle Marche)

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REF. 11/062

08 June 2011

I'm afraid I won't be of much help...BUT...my grandfather was Rinaldo Orsini who was born in Pretare. He also came to the states in the early 1900s. Landed in Ellis Island, through Boston and to WV where he worked in a rock quarry. He married Marcellina Piccolomini (or Marcella - we've seen it both ways). Marcellina had a sister, Eva, who married Paul Angelo and they owned coal mines in Uniontown, PA (western PA). I'm about to travel to Italy this summer and may or may not go to Pretare (it is far away from where I will be and there are not trains that go there. My mother is named Maria Theresa Orsini-Streett and is believed to be named for either my grandfather's mother or one of his sisters. My mom has only a recollection of one of her uncles named Rudolph Orsini. Maybe we can help each other. Thanks.

Bill Streett


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REF. 10/059

29 Sept. 2010

Hi Renee,

I can't really help you on the question about the wedding ceremony. Is it a church ceremony or just a civil function? In either case I should think you would require an interpreter. Try putting 'weddings in Italy' in your search engine, there are people on the web who arrange weddings here and I should think they could tell you what you want to know.

Regarding transport. If you wished to rent a private bus, with or without driver, this would have to be done from the Rome end. There are lots of companies in Rome who hire buses. Cut and paste the following in your browser: -



or type the following into your search engine: pullman a noleggio roma

This would prove to be very expensive with a week between trips - you would have to pay for two return trips.

Why not look at the normal public bus service which runs from Fiumicino Airport to Fermo with stops in Rome centre and at Porto San Giorgio.

You will find a timetable here: -


The bus carries over 50 passengers but In August there would not normally be 40 seats spare if you just turned up. You would have to do it with prior booking which I have found is not very easy to do yourself.

There is a website called: www.prenotazionistartcardinali.it

which is for booking with this bus company. You can only do it if you are registered with them. Probably the best way is through an agent.

The following very friendly agent can make bookings with this bus company:

Agenzia Piergallini
Via Mazzini, 19
Pedaso (AP)
Tel.(00 39) 0734 931823

The owner speaks a little English but there is a girl working there who is pretty good.

You could try writing to the above address, phoning or using their contact form here:



Here is another agent but I know very little about them:

Lilian Travel
Via Fausto Simonetti 59
Porto san Giorgio (FM)
Tel.(00 39)0734 671527

They don't seem to have an official website but they are on facebook.

Sorry there are no click on links, you will have to cut and paste into your browser.

Tony (Le Belle Marche)


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REF. 10/058

06 Sept. 2010

Le Belle Marche suggestion - Grottammare. Lovely sandy beach, reasonably quiet, interesting hilltop town.

We don't have any properties there but a web search should give results.

09 Sept. 2010

Porto San Georgio is a beautiful quaint coastal town with loads of 'chique' bars and restuarants, a wonderful port, and some gorgious small friendly hotels. We live quite close to the town in the mountains and tend to stay for our first few nights when we come from the UK in Hotel Rosa which has beautiful seaviews. The staff are lovely and the rooms are basic in a retro style and immaculately clean. In the off peak season you can get a room for about 65euro a night.
To eat there is an abundance of great restuarants along the seafront with amazing fresh seafood. If you travel further into the town there are really cool cafe's near the train station. 
There is a small place on Via XX SETTEMBRE called 'Aperitivi Vini' run by a lovely guy by the name of Simone. He has reasonable English and knows anything you need to know about the local wine and cheese and is well worth a visit. 
Porto San Georgio can be a 'wee bit pricey' because it is renowned as a resort for well to do Italian's during the summer time but with it's mixture of old architecture, friendly locals and a beautiful beach it is worth every cent. There is also the port where you can rent a boat and enjoy some time in the open seas.
Have a great holiday.
Paul (plawlor69-at-hotmail.com)

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REF. 10/055

13 August 2010

Hi Patricia!

If you know the town that Virginia was born in you may have luck if you write a letter to the church(es) asking for family records. When trying to find information on my grandfather's family I wrote to the churches in the city he was born with the help of Google translator (letter must be in Italian) and they did reply giving me quite a bit of family history. With this history and a lot of patience I was able to track down family in Rome and I will be visiting them in 26 days! Good luck! It can be done...just takes a lot of patience! The italian white pages paginebianche.it are very helpful too if you have a name and city to work with.


15 August 2010
thank you very much, Cecelia. Have a great time with your relatives!

Patricia (pattiem-at-optonline.net)

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REF. 09/050

30 December 2009.

Hi Adam. GPL stands for Gas di Petrolio Liquefatto and is a mixture of hydrocarbon fuels. mainly propane and butane. As a petroleum product, the price fluctuates quite a lot as petrol prices go up and down.

You are quite right though, I know that different customers of the same provider pay different prices, there doesn't seem to be a "going rate". At any given time there is a list price but some customers get a "sconto" (reduction)

You didn't say how much you paid and when.

My supplier is Pegas srl of Porto San Giorgio. Their list price yesterday 29 Dec. was 0.765 euro per liter. This is subject to purchase tax (iva) at 20%.

You should never be paying more than the list price which is always shown on your invoice as "prezzo listino". The "sconto" or reduction (anything up to 0.10 euro per liter) is something that is often bartered for. It will not do any harm to ask your supplier for a sconto, you have nothing to loose and - who knows.

We have a friend who is on the management of a gas supplier and I asked him to explain things. The amount of sconto will depend mainly on two things - the amount of gas you normally consume per annum and the way you pay for it.

Paying on delivery either cash, bankers cheque or credit card (if accepted) gives you the best bargaining power.

If you are living within the confines of the 'Comunità Montana dei Sibillini' (mountain area) , you also qualify for a government rebate on your bill. If you are not sure whether you qualify, ask your provider. My last bill was 345.80 euros and I got a rebate of 42.95 euros. The deduction is made before iva is added.

By the way, the tv is warning us that gas prices are going up by 2.9% on the 1st of January.


Le Belle Marche.

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REF. 09/049.

27 August 2010

Cecelia... I saw your notice on the notice board. I speak a little Italian, as I visited there 5 yrs ago and learned a bit of it prior to my trip. If you can, Rosetta Stone is the best route for you, although if you are going in Sept. it may be too late. I am looking into Le Belle Marche for my next trip. Please let me know all about it when you return. I am excited for you. I
look forward to hearing from you. I left my heart in Italy 5 yrs ago!
Anne Brown

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REF. 09/047

02 August 2009

I found your posting as I was doing a search of Pretare because a cousin who has family there told me that my fraternal grandmothers family lived there, their surname was Angelini as was yours. I don't know much but have been learning some from my cousin, of the area and the people. If you have questions I could ask him. Feel free to email me.

L Kenney (knee2-at-atlanticbb.net)

29 March 2010

I have been researching my husband's Angelini line for several years and have found an Orsini connection in Pretare. I would love to compare notes and see if we have any matches. Please feel free to email me.
Ronda (mamaronda-at-comcast.net)

29 March 2010

There is a website showing the geneological tree of all family names from Pretare.

The website is in Italian. Just type the surname in the box marked "Trova una persona". You may have to play with it a while - look for notes on the left when you click on a name. Because of privacy laws, people who are still living are marked <Privato>. To view information on these names you will have to register.

To register, click on Registrati a MyHeritage.com. It will ask you if you are male (Maschio) or Female (Femmina), your name and surname (Nome, Cognome). e-mail address (Indirizzo e-mail), year of bith (Anno di nascita), country (Paese), father's name and surname (Mio Padre) and mother's name and maiden name (Mia Madre)

Go to website.

Tony, Le Belle Marche.


13 August, 2011

Have info you need. Please contact me at the email addy. We have a connection, I do believe with the Angelini name. My paternal grandmother's mother's maiden name was Angelini. Get back to me.

Also, you will be happy to know that I have a Lincoln Terrace connection as well: Names.....Spinelli, Piccolomini,
Valeri, Champa, and Angelini.
A Domenic Spinelli (notebene659-at-comcast.net)


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REF. 09/046

12 July 2009

I have a large fully funrnished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in ripe san ginesio whcih you may be interested in renting. It has 3 large balconies, a garage, parking space and an ouside area for the children to play. It is near an excellent bar and restaurant and there is a supermarket within walking distance. There are local schools and nurseries nearby for the children. Rent at approx 850 euros per month.
Lucia Johnson.

13 July 2009

I have a 2 bedroom cottage near to Montefalcone.It is only 5 minutes to shops & Post Office.My grandchildren love the area. I would be prepared to rent out from October. Please contact me by email to discuss rental.

Barbara Fearon (barbara-at-fearon53.plus.com)

26 July 2009

Hi we have a property on the outskirts of Cessapalombo nr. Caldarola Le Marche, 3 bedrooms, we would be prepared to let is during sept/oct for 8-10 months 2009/10, there is land to play, it is 5 mins drive to small town with all amenities, shops etc. If you are interested we can nigotiate a price per month, gas would be extra for heating as it is expensive here to run cental heating. If you wish to look at the property and rooms go to my web site www.casasantancini-italy.com
Regards Dawn Colclough (colclough_italy-at-yahoo.co.uk)

28 July 2009

We have just finished restoring a 4 bedroom farmhouse near Cupramontana and would consider a long term rental. Does the location work for you? I would be happy to provide further details upon request. Kind regards
Andrew (andrew.james.thomson-at-gmail.com)

29 July 2009

Thanks for all who replied. We are still searching for a long term rental, however in the near-term we need to rent our house in Montreal before finalizing our plans for Italy. Thanks for your understanding.
Patrick Roy (roypatricio - at - gmail.com)

25 January 2010

Hi, we are Canadian as well and live in the village of Loro Piceno. So good to hear there are other Canadians living in Le Marche. To my knowledge we are the only ones. Did you find what you were looking for and if so where. If not good luck in your search.
Margaret Rose

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REF. 09/045

I was just surfing and saw your post, I am in the process of purchasing an old property not far from yours, a little village fifteen minutes from Comunanza, could you tell me if you've completed the renovations to your property or are you in the process of doing so, as I would be really interested in finding decent trustworthy builders, plumbers, electricians etc. I also have to replace all the windows to the house, do you know of any good manufacturers locally. I hope you don't mind my asking but sometimes if someone has been there already it can take a load off.
EL  (ashandel-at-blueyonder.co.uk)

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REF. 09/043

03 May 2009.

Hi Patty,

Piedilama is a small comunity with a population of 109. It is a frazione of  Arquata del Tronto only 2 km. away and lies at 818 m. above sea level.

Using the telephone directory, I couldn't find any Petrucci in Piedilama but there are many in the surrounding area (See printable list with map). There are probably more, women in Italy maintain their maiden name and don't take the surname of the husband, children take the father's surname. Telephones may be registered in either the husband or the wife's name.

Other fraziones of Arquata del Tronto are Borgo (0,54 km), 
Camartina (0,87 km), Capodacqua (7,44 km), Colle (5,04 km), Faete (1,15 km), 
Forca Canapine (10,42 km), Pescara del Tronto (3,78 km), Pretare (2,97 km), 
Spelonga (1,46 km), Trisungo (1,83 km), Tufo (6,24 km), Vezzano (2,01 km).
Tony, Le Belle Marche.


26 November 2009

My mother was from Piedilama. She left there in l928. She was a Petrucci. Her name was Giuditta. Her fathers name was Giovanni Petrucci and her mothers name was Adelina (Paoli). I will be going to Italy in 2010 and I would like to see the home my mother was born in. If you have any information I would appreciate it.
Adela Pettinaro Donovan (adela514-at-aol.com)

23 January 2010

Thanks for info on Piedilama and the Petrucci family. I did a little research and it seems the mayor of Arquata del Tronto has the name of Petrucci. I have tried to contact him, to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. I also used to be in contact with Elvira Marini from Arquata, she was the niece of my grandfather Nazareno Petrucci.

Patty Horseman (horsemanpatty-at-yahoo.com)


13 February 2010

Hi Adela. I believe my grandfather Nazareno had a brother names Giovanni. I was able to find ship manifest on Ancestry and it had other Petrucci's on it. I want also to go to Piedilama in the future, so when you go any pictures or info would be greatly appreciated. I have included my e-mail. I know some of my grandfathers family settled in Mass. and my others in WV. (where I am orginially from) I now live in Maryland. I constantly scan the net and I have some hookups with others researching the Petrucci family, but not much info. 

Pat H. (horsemanpatty-at-yahoo.com)

28 June 2010.

Hi Patty,
My great grandfather was also named Nazareno Petrucci. My grandfather Marino Petrucci grew up in Comunanza to age 14, then moved to Chicago, IL in about 1910. Do you think we are related? 
Ken (kkhamby-at-rockwellcollins.com)

19 July 2010

I have now published photos of Piedilama.

The photo album will open in a new window. Just close the window to return to this page.

Tony, Le Belle Marche.

09 September 2010

Hi Tony, I check all my sites regularly and I noticed a large ship on a street in Spelonga. Do you know what it is and why it is there.

Thanks, Patty

09 September 2010
Hi Patty, What you saw is a sailing ship constructed in the piazza as part of the Festa Bella 2010. The festa takes place every 3 years and the ship celebrates the beating of the Turkish navy in the 13th crusade (the Battle of Lepanto 1571 AD).

The ship will remain in the piazza until the first Sunday in October.

This is a brief reply. As the story is very interesting I will replace it with a fuller version shortly.


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REF. 09/041

31 January 2009.

Hi Cecelia,

There are a number of families living in Venarotta with the surname Sciamanna. There is only one Bruni in the phone book. However Bruni is quite a common name in nearby Ascoli Piceno. See LIST of Sciamanna with address and phone numbers
Tony, Le Belle Marche.

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REF. 08/038

07 January 2009.

I bought a 4 wheels trailer on ebay for £700 and after 2 trips selling it for not much less in Italy. Ferry for trailer is not much more than for a car alone. I recon I saved much money.
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REF. 08/037

06 August 2009
ynn: I live in Fitchburg (next city to Leominster) and am researching the Orsini/Spaciapolli names. Is there anything I can look up for you? My grandfather, Domenico Orsini, lived on the Terrace and is from Pretare. His mother's name was Maria Spaciapolli.
Edie Scott (scottygirl2-at-gmail.com)

01 September 2008.
  I visited Pretare this June. My grandparents also came to Leominster, MA from Pretare. My mother and her sisters grew up on Lincoln Terrace. Unfortunately, I was not able to spend more that a couple of hours there. Big mistake.  I could have studied the the names in the cemetery all day.  I too was hoping to find someone named DiPaoli or Spacciapoli, Trenta. The names of Perla, Marchetti,  Picolmini were seen at the cemetary.  When you go, go with as much info as you can ,such as your family's full names, grandmother's maiden name and birth/death dates. Go to the cemetery and look. There is one cemetary right in town and another down the road.
Good luck to you.
Diane ( dsd032-at-aol.com )

21 August 2008.
Hi Lynn,
There are a number of families with the surname Perla living in Pretare and nearby Arquata del Tronto (See List).
There are no Piccolomini or Marchetti listed. Apart from contacting these people, the best source of information is in the parish church records.
If you return to our notice board, you will find others who have made enquiries about relations in Pretare ( References REF. 07/020, 07/020a, 07/004). Must have been a mass exodus from such a small place.
Tony, Le Belle Marche.

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REF. 08/036

07 August 2008.
Hi Pino,
Please visit our weather page. It will tell you everything you want to know about Le Marche weather. http://www.bellemarche.co.uk/weather.htm

Tony, Le Belle Marche.

REF. 08/035

26 July 2008.

Hello IM
From Fiumicino you take the Met. to Roma Termini. There is a bus from Rome to Fermo which you can take as far as San Benedetto del Tronto then catch the train to Civitanova Marche. See Bus Timetable (This timetable is no longer valid. Please write to us at belle Marche for up-yo-date information). Unfortunately the bus doesn't seem to leave from the met. station but from Via Castro Pretorio which involves a 12 minute walk (See Map). Above links are images - you can right click them and save with name. You can find train timetables here: 


Cut and paste the link into your browser. Write the full names of the departure and arrival stations as above.

We cannot be held responsible for any errors in the above information. It has been obtained in good faith by searches on internet.
Tony, Le Belle Marche.

05 August 2008.

The bus service you are looking for is:
You'll find a big red bus, cheap, comfortable and direct (though a change of bus in the vicinity of Ascoli might be required), at Roma Termini or Castro Pretorio. You will enjoy the lovely ride throughout the beautiful rolling hills enclosed between Lazio and Marche, cutting through green Umbria.

Giada ( giada.knowit-at-libero.it )

05 September 2008.

Thanks for the responses! I'm not back from my trip (it was wonderful). When I arrived at Fiumicino, I didn't have a lot of time so I took a taxi to the Tiburtina station, which is a main bus terminal in Rome.
From Tiburtina, I took a bus with the ROma MArche Linee (http://www.romamarchelinee.it/index.php) which got me to Civitanova in about 3.5 hours.

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REF. 08/034

17 October 2008.

It sounds to me that you are doing your research after having bought your property. Your other posting 08/33 also seems to confirm this. Was that wise? (We took 5 years visiting before we bought our house).
The reason that Agriturismo are not well attended is that there is insufficient demand. Remember that Le Marche is not near the popular Italian attractions. If you are going to set one up it will be essential to have a swimming pool. Offida suffered an earthquake a bit back so remember to take that into account in the pool design. Good luck.

Paul Norman.


17 October 2008. (Le Belle Marche comment)

It is true that Le Marche is not yet well known as a tourist resort but its popularity is increasing annually. Visitors to this website have increases by a staggering factor of 15 over the last four years.

With agriturismo there is lots of competition, probably more than what the current market allows for. You would need to carefully study this competition. What matters most is the price compared with what you are offering (quality, activities, placement etc). It certainly doesn't pay to be too greedy.

We have agriturismos who are always fully booked during the summer months and others who do rather badly.

Regarding the pool. Over 80% of our enquirers require a pool (a shame as Le Marche has so much to offer for those who wish to explore it). On the other hand we do have premises for rent without pool who are fully booked throughout the summer - again the price seems to be the most important factor.

Earthquakes. The whole of Italy is classed as a seismic zone. Slight tremors are felt from time to time. Anti-seismic measures are taken with all building projects and are required by law. Offida is classed as low risk, there has only been one earthquake there that caused serious damage and that was on 3 October 1943.

There is a website (in Italian) "Earthquakes in Offida from the year 1000 onwards" written by Viviana Castelli, historical researcher for Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - http://www.inoffida.it/offida_155.html


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REF. 08/32

06 August 2008.

Hello Mrs. O'Connor,
I tried to contact you via email, but I didn't quote your reference number, and I am not sure you received my message.
As I said, I have a university degree in foreign languages and literatures, and I have already worked with British people as an interpreter and intermediate between them and various local professionals.
I am available for the next 2-3 months.  My fee is negotiable. 
If interested, please contact me at the e-mail address herewith attached.
Best regards.

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09 July 2008.

Hi Rosemary,

We take it that you are talking about Nuova Vitali Cucine, furniture (mostly kitchens) in the Pesaro Province. They do not have a web site (at least we can't find one). They are based at 108, Via Cairo, Mombaroccio (PU) which is 17.5 km from the center of Pesaro (map).

They advertise on a furniture guide website:

You can cut and paste the above into your browser address bar.
The site is only in Italian but there is a good map, driving instructions and a contact form.

Le Belle Marche.


10 July 2008


Mark Paradise.


11 July 2008

Thanks but from th answers I received I don't know if Vitali is a kitchen outlet as well as beds??



11 July 2008

Looks like we got the wrong Vitali, it's a very common name in the area. I now think we are talking about Vitali Arredamenti S.r.l. Via degli Abete, 100/106.
61100 PESARO (PU) Phone 0721 22523.

It is very close to the exit from the A14 autostrada, less than 2 km. They have a website in Italian: http://www.vitaliarredamenti.net 

Good map and photos
Le Belle Marche.

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