Le Marche, Mountains, lakes and seaside.

ANCONA Falconara Airport

Le Marche, Italy.

Ancona airport at Falconara known as the 'Raffaello Sanzio Airport' has gone through many changes over the last two years (2004-2005) due to the increased traffic from Germany and from Stansted.
Below is a plan of the new airport with instructions for leaving for the A14 Autostrada
Ancona Falconara Airport

Falconara Arrivals building and flyover to A14.When you pick up your hired car from the compound you cannot turn left back into the airport. You have to turn right.
The best way to the A14 autostrada is to follow this road for a short distance and take the turn off to the left back into the airport (signposted).
You enter the airport at a large roundabout. Give way to traffic from your left, drive round the roundabout in an anticlockwise direction and exit for the A14 as shown.

Falconara DeparturesAt the moment, there are no refreshments in Arrivals. There is a self service upstairs in the old terminal buildings and a refreshments bar in Departures.
Prices are quite cheap but the food is nothing to write home about.
Small Photos (Click to enlarge):- Top right - Arrival building on the right and flyover to A14 autostrada.
Bottom Left:- The Departures lounge.

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