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Cascina degli Ulivi

(The Olive Farm)
Agriturismo at Servigliano, Le Marche. ITALY


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The Cascina degli Ulivi covers an area of 15 Hectares of which about 2 hectares surrounding the old farm house and buildings have been fenced off to create the agriturismo.

The remaining 13 hectares are dedicated to organic farming (Certified by AMAB, Associazione Mediterranea Agricoltura Biologica.) Cultivation is generally given to forage, legumes such as chic peas and lentils, barley, wheat and corn which serve as feed for the farm animals.

The vineyard renders good organic wines produced from the following vines :- Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red, Pecorino (autochthonous vine of southern Marche's hilly districts, not very productive, but with optimum qualities and a high alcoholic rate), Passerina, Trebbiano, Verdicchio and Malvasia (autochthonous Marchigiano) for the bianco.

Olive oil is produced including the renowned 'Piantone di Falerone' which is bottled in 75 cl. bottles. The extravergine produced from various varieties of olive trees is in bottles of 3 and 5 litres. All oil is produced by the traditional method 'premitura or spremitura a freddo'. This method, although more laborious using temperatures no higher than 27°C and without addition of hot water preserves more of the natural aromatic flavours.

Various gardens supply the kitchen of the agriturismo as well as a variety of fruit trees including apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries and plums. Around 2 hectares of the farm is given to the cultivation of hazel nuts.

Meats are produced organically on the farm and include poultry, rabbits and pork.

Various salted pork delicatessen products are made and seasoned (aged) such as hams, salamis etc.

Other products include Vino Cotto (cooked wine) which is produced from must which is reduced by boiling to almost double the sugar content (specific gravity) of the juice. This almost syrupy must is added to a 'mother' yeast from previous fermentations. Because of the high sugar content the fermentation progresses very slowly, often more than a year. The wine produced with 20 percent or more alcohol is matured on the lees in wooden casks for a number of years. Delicious as desert, to share with friends on social occasions or fantastic used in marinades for beef steaks.

Mistrą - a type of anisette distilled from wine and flavoured with aniseed. A dash in your coffee espresso is great (caffé corretto).