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Village Cottage

House to Rent for holidays in Mountain Village.
Garulla Superiore, Le Marche, Italy.
Monti Sibillini National Park

Self Catering

House to rent at Garulla Superiore.

Come and have a wonderfully relaxed holiday at Garulla, a typical mountain village situated in the National Park of the Monti Sibillini of Le Marche in Italy. Equally suited to old, not so old, young and children. Breathe the refreshing mountain air - so pure and the drinking water is just as good. The village people won't make you feel like strangers - so friendly.

Well placed - just 15 minutes drive for your shopping in Sarnano or Amandola where you can sit outside at a bar with a refreshing drink or maybe try the delicious ice cream and watch the leisurely Italian life passing by. Take day trips into the mountains with a picnic. Explore some of the hilltop towns and villages. Our itineraries may give you some other ideas. Include a trip to the Adriatic seaside. Porto S. Giorgio is about 1 hours drive away.

5 km. away at Pintura you will find Mountain bikes for hire and horse riding.

The house built in stone and hand made bricks has been maintained in perfect condition. It forms part of the mountain community of Garulla in the Sibillini Mountain National Park of Le Marche. ( Map )

Casa Maria, dining room.The house comprises 2 double bedrooms, bathroom, breakfast room/kitchen, and dining room. There is a divan in the breakfast room which opens to make a comfortable single bed.

The house is well furnished and has a nice homely feel about it. The owner accepts up to 5 guests but because of seating arrangements we feel that up to 4 would be more comfortable unless children are part of the group.

Children playing, Garulla Superiore.Book as many days as you like, from and to whatever dates suit you. A great opportunity to take advantage of low air fares. 


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