Le Marche, Mountains, lakes and seaside.

Ascoli Piceno

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A collection of photographs of Ascoli Piceno, provincial town of Le Marche, ITALY.

Ascoli Piceno has 50,135 inhabitants (2001 census) known as the Ascolani. The town sprawls along the bottom of the Tronto valley but of special interest to the tourist is the historic centre situated at the western end of the town.

Here you will see some of the most beautiful piazzas in Italy. Of special note is the Piazza del Popolo, a huge square with an arched shopping arcade down the length of one side facing the splendid Palazzo dei Capitani (X111 c.) and dominated at one end by the church of St. Francis. A close second is the Piazza Arringo With its fountains and cathedral. Piazza Arringo houses the Ascoli Piceno municipal offices in Palazzo del Arringo where you will also find the Municipal Art Gallery. At the cathedral end of the piazza there is the Archeological Museum in Palazzo Panichi.

Other places to visit are the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Palazzo Malaspina, Corso Mazzini and the Natural History Museum also in Corso Mazzini.

Ascoli Piceno has a rich calendar of events throughout the year, the best known being the Quintana - the colours and pageantry of the 1400's with joisting cavaliers, the parade with mediaeval costumes and music and the colourful sbandieratoris (flag throwers)

Photo: Ascoli Piceno - panorama - looking north.

Palazzo - Corso Trento.Piazza Arringo.The fountains in Piazza Arringo.

Piazza ArringoPalazzo dei Capitani del Popolo. Piazza del Popolo.Palazzo del Arringo, Municipal building and art gallery.

Porta Tuffila - Ascoli Piceno.Chiesa di Santa Maria IntervineasBattistero S. Giovanni.Il Duomo. Cathedral of Sant'Emidio. Piazza Arringo, Ascoli Piceno.

The church of St. Francis, Piazza del Popolo.



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