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Thursday 07 August 2008.
Ascoli Piceno. Thirty different shows, almost a thousand artists, 12 corners of the town as scenery and hundreds of shops open.

These are the main ingredients of the festa "Notte di San Lorenzo" taking place between the 10th and 11th August. Starting at sunset.

Wednesday 30 July 2008.
During the night, a fire has destroyed the historic theatre of Tolentino in Province of Macerata. An enormous disaster for the town and as yet the cause is unknown. Below, a short video from the TV channel LA7.
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Wednesday 25 June 2008.
We are in the middle of a heat wave, not just Le Marche but most of the Italian peninsula. Temperatures are reaching a sweltering 40C. 

We offer the following advice to visitors finding themselves in similar conditions:

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the hottest hours (11:30 - 15:30) Especially over 60's and children.

Wear a sun hat and sunglasses if you have to be in the sun.

Use adequate skin protection even outside the above hours.

Drink plenty. An adult should drink about 2 liters per day (We don't mean alcoholic drinks).

Eat lightly during the daytime. Lots of salads and fruit are good.

Please don't get burned, it completely ruins your holiday and is extremely painful. A good tan is acquired slowly. Initial exposure should be brief with the correct sun oil or cream the exposure time can be increased slightly each day. Look after your babies and children, their skin is much more delicate than your own.