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Thursday 20 December 2007 30 July 2007.
The tunnel and new road connecting Comunanza with Ascoli Piceno is at last completed and open. Fantastic, cuts out that tortuous road over the mountan and saves at least 20 minutes.

Monday 30 July 2007.
Effect of drought on Le Marche woods.The water shortage in Le Marche.

Whilst Great Britain and other parts of northern Europe have had almost constant rain, floods and very low temperatures, Le Marche, like many parts of Italy is suffering from a severe shortage of water this year. The major cause was the lack of snow on the Sibillini mountains last winter followed by a very hot dry summer. July daytime temperatures have been between 34 and 40°C and most areas without a drop of rain.
The picture shows the effect on the woods with many species of trees dying plus the constant threat of fire caused either deliberately or by thoughtlessness like throwing a cigarette butt from the car window.
There is a hosepipe ban, drinking water may not be used for watering gardens, vegetable plots or for washing cars. Anyone caught will pay a fine of around 500 euros and possibly have their water supply cut. Some areas have a form of rationing where the supply is cut between certain hours.

Sunday 6 May 2007. PORTO SANT'ELPIDIO.
Dolphins appear to like the waters around Porto Sant’Elpidio and there seems to be ample proof. The latest of the series of sightings occurred a few days ago when some fishermen, on board of their small boat and intent on fishing in the Playa de Coccocciò, a zone north of the territory, found themselves together with a shoal of fifteen dolphins. Mauro Pennesi, a young elpidiense (from Sant’Elpidio) and two veteran fishermen - Franco and Ferruccio - feasted their eyes on a spectacle which they wont forget for a long while. “They had probably been attracted by the fish shoal that we were fishing” - tells Mauro, still feeling awestruck by the unusual surprise and pleasant company found in the middle of the sea – “and they were indeed a beautiful sight. Large and small, with colours that that sparkled and shone in bright daylight considering that it was shortly after lunch. Every now and then they dived out of the water and some did tipple tails in the air. They swam around our boat a few times, some put on a great show doing squiggles on the surface after which, evidently no longer hungry, they moved farther and farther away." A very particular days fishing, therefore, and the umpteenth confirmation of the passage, every now and then, of dolphins along the Sant’Elpidio coast line.
Thursday 26 April 2007.
Croce Casale tunnel. The new road and tunnel from Comunanza to Ascoli Piceno appears to be on target. The entrances to the tunnel have been completed but still blocked with red and white tapes and barriers. There still seems to be some work going on inside the tunnel. See Photos.
Saturday 10 February 2007.
FERMO. At Easter The FARMERS MARKET. It will take place over the whole Easter period in Piazza Dante. The work on stalls has already begun. Many applications have already been received from farmers and producers of agricultural products. The farmers markets are expected to create a commercial revolution in the fruit and vegetable sector in Le Marches fifth Province. It will be possible to purchase, directly from the producers, vegetables just picked, salumeria and cheese. From the producer to the consumer, without the middle men with a great saving on prices and above all, the certainty of eating genuine, healthy food
Source: Corriere Adriatico..

Thursday 8 February 2007.

Le Marche was subjected to two small earthquakes during the night. The first at 02:25 was slight and of short duration. The second occurred about 30 minutes later and registered 3.5 on the Richter scale. There was no damage caused. The epicenter was between Arquata del Tronto and Visso.

Monday 8 January 2007.

The Provincia of Ascoli Piceno have stated that before the summer of 2007 the Croce Casale tunnel should be open. The statement was made after a recent meeting with ANAS (the people in charge of the road works). The new road and tunnel is about 6 km. long, cutting out the steep and tortuous road over the mountain. It will halve the journey time between Comunanza and Ascoli Piceno.