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Thursday, 23 November 2006.

Snow on the Sibillini Mountains.The First Snow on the Sibillini.

After yesterdays rain, the clouds cleared this morning to reveal the first snow on the highest peaks of the Sibillini Mountains, down to about 1500 m.

The snow has arrived late this year after a really beatiful autumn. 2 days ago daytime temperatures were still achieving around 20°


Thursday, 31 October 2006.



Today "I Terreni di San Severino" was granted the D.O.C. label after the long haul since the original application on the 26th of March 2003. Now having passed all the strict checks and controls the wine come in a number of varieties - Rosso, Rosso Superiore, Rosso Passito and Moro. The production area will be the whole of the territory which comes under the Comune di S. Severino administration.

Thursday, 31 October 2006.



Friday 10th November 2006 - 21.00 hrs and Sunday 12 November - 17.00 hrs
CARMEN - Opèra- comique in four acts by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halvey - Music: Georges Bizet 
Orchestra: Marchigiana Philarmonica Conductor Christopher Franklin
Chorus: Lirico Marchigiano "V. Bellini"
Chorus master: Carlo Morganti

Saturday 18th November 2006- 21.00 hrs
TROVATORE - Drama in four acts by Salvatore Cammarano
Music: Giuseppe Verdi
Orchestra; (Conductor Massimiliano Stefanelli)
Chorus della Stagione Lirica Teramana (Chorus Master Paolo Speca)
Amandola, Sunday 27 August 2006 (10.30 AM)
“Processione delle Canestrelle” an important event, not only for the Amandolese and the people from surrounding towns and villages but also for the many tourists in the Sibillini mountain area at this time of the year. In this fascinating historical-religious event, women dressed as contadine (farm workers from the past), make offerings of wheat in small baskets (canestrelle) to the Blessed Anthony. The procession has taken place every summer since 1897 but like many religious events in Italy, it’s roots go back to pagan times.
To bring more colour and life to the event, the procession is accompanied by a band from the nearby town of Santa Vittoria “Corpo Bandistico di S. Vittoria in Matenano”.
12 August 2006 San Ginesio
A day not to be missed, the Palio of S. Ginesio held each year on the 15 August, This colourful jousting event dates back to the 13th century. You will see around 250 people dressed in costume of the period, taverns, authentic mediaeval music and dancing, the flag bearers and of course the cavalieri -the horsemen who compete in the 'Giostra dell'Anello'.
With the conclusion of the Quintana, the patronal celebrations are finished
but that doesn’t mean that the city’s shows are ended. Attention now moves on to the Notte Bianca scheduled for Thursday (10 August). All the centre shops and commercial centers will remain open until late at night.
Summer sales, which began some time ago, will continue with lots of special promotional offers to attract clients. Plenty of space has been given for eating out, lots of open stands along the streets as well as places with food served at the table in largo Manzoni, Piazza Roma (Via Angelini entrance) and in Via Clementi.
Space is also given for traditional Piceno specialties, hams, various meats, cheeses, roast pork (porchetta), game and white pizzas straight from the oven (Piazza Roma).
There will be lots of local craftsmanship stalls. Ceramics, mosaics, porcelain, women and children accessories, embroidery, painted silks, furniture, decorations, hand made paper, jewellery, floral compositions and hand made copper items. (Via del Trivio, Corso Trento and Trieste).
An exhibition of cultural and traditional craftsmanship will be found on Corso Mazzini in front of the CARISAP bank.
Plenty going on beginning in the afternoon and continuing up to midnight . games puppet shows, fables and surprise events. From 9.00 PM until midnight it is possible to leave children with specialized child minders in Piazza Viola.

31 July 2006.

Caught watering 25 thousand marijuana plants.
Arrested a 17 year old in the Le Marche.

He was watering 25000 marijuana seedlings along a riverbank, together with his friends. The river is the Metauro in the zone of Fano in the province of Pesaro Urbino. The protagonist is a 17 year-old boy, now accused of cultivation and being in possession of narcotic substances. The "workmates” were other teenagers of 16 and 17 years. The market where the drugs were to be sold was the local one – Le Marche.

Source - TV channel TVRS

1 June 2006.

Brrr... Who'd believe it?  Snow in June!!!

After 3 weeks of very hot weather, clear blue skies and temperatures in the upper 20's and lower 30's everything suddenly changed. It happened around 1600 hrs on Tuesday 30th May. It had been hot and sunny all day when suddenly the sky darkened and a cold gusty wind began to blow followed by light rain. Some flights at Pescara Airport were diverted to Rome because of the wind. Wednesday morning was sunny with some white clouds but still cold. Rain arrived later in the afternoon. Today it has rained off and on all day with the temperature down to 12°C and during clear spells revealed a new covering of snow on the higher peaks of the Sibillini mountains (1,800 m.). The whole of Italy is affected and looking at the weather maps, so is most of Europe - a huge bad weather system coming from the North Atlantic passing over the United Kingdom, down across central Europe and enveloping Italy. Looks like it is going to be with us until Sunday. I'm not sure how the tomato plants feel, they already have growing fruit on the lower trusses.

17 May 2006.
There are road works on the A14 Autostrada between Porto S. Giorgio and Civitanova Marche. A third carriageway is being constructed and in consequence, traffic is reduced to a single carriageway causing delays.

Anyone traveling through this area to and from Ancona Falconara airport needs to allow a bit more time for the journey.

09 May 2006.
Yesterday, during a violent thunderstorm a bolt of lightening struck the bell tower of the historic San Francesco church in Amandola. The church is situated in the upper area of the towns historic zone.
One side of the tower from the pinnacle downwards for 2.5 metres was destroyed and falling debris damaged two adjacent houses.
The Fire Brigade from Fermo attempted to bring down the remaining side of the tower which remains in a dangerous condition. They were unable to carry out the task as the ladders on the mobile unit were not long enough.
Consequently, the surrounding area has been cordoned off to public access and the inhabitants of the two damaged houses were evacuated and had to stay with relatives. Damage was sustained on the roofs, Persian shutters and windows.
Whilst a study of the situation takes place,the problem remains the part of the tower not demolished . This will probably mean that special equipment has to be brought from the Provincial capital.

07 April 2006.
GOOD NEWS. Ryanair intend to introduce a new flight into Ancona Falconara Airport from Liverpool in the U.K., this in addition to the already established flights from London Stansted.
The new route will commence from 3 October 2006. There will be 3 flights per week which will operate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

21 March 2006
The first day of spring but I'm afraid spring doesn't seem to have arrived yet in Le Marche. Cloudy and dull with things not looking much better at least for the next few days. Many wild birds are only just arriving and most trees haven't yet come into bud. In the garden, forsythia, botanical tulips and daffodils have began to show their colours during the past week.

Tony Weaver (500m. a.s.l.)

20 March 2006 FABRIANO

It will be more beautiful and functional than before, but above all should become a great tourist attraction.
The reference is to Belvedere, the place where reconstruction work of the whole frazione (hamlet) has been going on over the last few years. It will be the unique example in Le Marche. The main jobs of restructuring the buildings are practically completed and from this point of view Belvedere is already a jewel. To bring the whole idea to it’s conclusion, work has still to be completed on the infrastructure and the services.
These last works have been characterized by a certain delays, but very necessary delays because whilst the jobs were being carried out, a medieval well and some ancient walls were discovered. These finds were visited by the provincial archaeological superintendent who decided that the finds shouldn’t be lost and the work had to be altered in order to preserve them.
"The discovery of ancient walls” - explained Vincent Castriconi, a spokesman for the construction company at Belvedere, “has caused constructional problems since the beginning of the work.
After a joint meeting of Region, Commune and archaeological superintendent, it was decided to create a raised viaduct which will pass above the ancient walls."
It is not difficult to hypothesize that in the future Belvedere will become a destination of tourists and, above all, a centre for researchers and experts on medieval history. 
Source: Corriere Adriatico

1 March 2006 ASCOLI PICENO

Once again our splendid mountain area awaits one of the most important cycle events of the year, that is the Tirreno-Adriatico (From the Mediterranean to the Adriatic). In fact this impressive cycling event between the two seas will arrive at Colle San Giacomo on Monday 13th March. The sixth lap, from San Benedetto del Tronto to Colle San Giacomo, will reach its conclusion on the plain of St. Giacomo with the presentation of the Great Mountain prize and trophy (Gran Premio della Montagna). The arrival of the leading cyclists is expected soon after 4 pm. The Tirreno-Adriatico will be concluded the day after with the seventh lap which covers from Campli to San Benedetto del Tronto, a distance of 166 kilometers.

25 January 2006 ASCOLI PICENO

False Banknotes in Circulation

A gang of counterfeiters of Albanian nationality has been circulating for a while in our city. They try to pass false banknotes of 100 Euros in shops around Ascoli. The reproduction however is rather crude. Not to be caught up in the fraud the Police advises that you compare banknotes of this denomination with a known legal note. It will be immediately noticed that the false note is of a shorter length. 
Source: Corriere Adriatico

18 January 2006

Fano. Ruins of Roman furnaces (imperial period) were found some time ago in the foothills of the Metauro valley in the hamlet of Caminate, Fano. They will now be excavated and brought to light thanks to funds being raised to a value of 25,000 Euros. Contributors include the Province of Pesaro Urbino (10,000 euros), the Comune of Fano and private companies, one of which is the Solazzidi Foundry at Fano.