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15 December 2005
Ascoli Piceno.
Today the ski lifts open. There's skiing at Monte Piselli.
Following the latest snowfalls that have interested the territory of the Piceno, the layer of snow on the ski slopes of Monte Piselli in the district of Montagna dei Fiori has reached a depth of 60 cm. in the Tre Caciare area and 80 cm. around Campo Scuola (il campetto). All the slopes have a consistent layer of snow in suitable condition for skiing.
Considering the situation, the Tourist Consortium of the Monti Gemelli district have announced that the ski lifts, very popular with the Ascolani enthusiasts, will reopen to the public starting from this morning.
Open and working - the Centro Servizi "Tre Caciare" and the mountain refuge "Pizi" of Monte Piselli. Remember to have thermal snow tyres fitted or chains. 

Snow on the Sibillini Mountains18 November 2005

Following yesterdays rain the low cloud melted away this morning to reveal a dusting of snow on the Sibillini Mountains down to a level of about 1,200 m. a.s.l.
The snow has arrived quite late this year. Normally the first snow on the mountain tops arrives in the latter half of October.



"Just a few things, but of immense importance". The scientist in charge, Carlo Pedretti thus describes the show which opens on 15 October at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona. In all, there will be 20 works on show, 9 paintings and six sketches along with books and manuscripts. Amongst the masterpieces there is also a "Maddalena discinta" for centuries attributed to Gianpietrino but is now known to be the work of Leonardo. The show will stay open until January 8th 2006.

4 July 2005
Two great operatic events coming soon:

41st 0pen-air opera will be held in the Sferisterio arena in Macerata from 15 July to 14 August and will include 'Don Carlo' (Verdi), Andrea Chénier (Giordano) and Tosca (Puccini).
The Rossini Opera Festival takes place at Pesaro 8 - 22 August and will include the Barber of Seville and La Gazzetta. 

15 March 2005
After the snow emergency - now the risk of avalanches. 
Because of the rising temperature and strong wind over the past hours the alarm goes up for risk of avalanches. Danger has returned to Foce in the Montemonaco territory. The residents of this community were isolated for a week after an avalanche a month and half ago and has now again been blocked by a great avalanche which came down the northern face of Monte Torrone.
Along with the three families who live in this small village a group of young visitors from San Benedetto have also been isolated.
Contacted by telephone, both residents and visitors are said to be well. 
Source: tvrs regional television.

Sunday 6th March 2005
Well I suppose nature can make liars of us all. The big thaw never happened and today completes 6 weeks with snow on the ground and more forecast for tonight.
After 2 weeks the authorities were saying 'the worst snow for 30 years'. After 3 weeks it was the worst for 50 years and now it is the worst in the last 100 years.
On sunny days the snow has managed to melt away from time to time, but only on slopes facing south. Throughout the bad weather all roads have been kept clear and navigable even if a bit narrower than normal. No good moaning - Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia and even Calabria have had it worse.
Le Belle Marche.

Note from Le Belle Marche 31.01.2005. Today the big thaw began, beautiful sunshine and the level of snow has dropped by about 25 cm. Regarding the last 2 bulletins, please note that the weather situation referred to is not normal. It has been a phenomena unknown in living memory and we have some pretty old neighbors. 6 days and nights of continuous snow, the depth reaching 1.2 metres at 500m. a.s.l. with drifts much deeper and some snow even along the beaches. We would like to thank the provincial and council workers who have worked tirelessly to keep roads open, also the department of civil protection and fire brigade who have done a great job.

31st January 2005
BAD WEATHER ASCOLI : 90 call outs FB. Calls to clear snow from roofs.
Lots of work for the Ascoli Fire Brigade who have received 90 calls in 12 hours in different parts of the province to remove snow from roofs in danger of collapse and to remove dangerous overhanging snow and dangerous branches - and the emergency is not finished yet.
Source: Mediaset news - teletext.

27th January 2005
SNOW ALERT Central Italy and Adriatic.
Civil Protection: It will be an icy weekend.
The coming weekend will be all snow and ice. The department for Civil Protection has put out a new alert of bad weather with particular attention to the center-south where, during the next 24 to 36 hours, snow is forecast even at low levels. The regions to be worst hit will be Marche, east Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise, northern Puglia as well as Tuscany and Lazio. New snow showers also in Basilicata and Calabria.
Source: TV. Mediaset teletext.