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Ancona Falconara Airport to Amandola

Directions via A14 Autostrada, Civitanova Marche, Sarnano.

Ancona to Amandola

Exit the airport by the flyover (See airport map) and follow the directions for the A14 Autostrada BOLOGNA-TARANTO. Autostrada road signs are green.

The distance is less than 2 km. Just before the entrance to the autostrada you will find traffic merging from your left and traffic lights.Tickets for autostrada.

Pass through the lights and look for a barrier showing tickets and displaying a green light. This is normally on the extreme right. Don't try to enter through a barrier displaying a blue CARTE sign or a yellow TELEPASS sign. Take you ticket from the machine which will open the barrier and proceed in the direction PESCARA.

Autostrada exit.Exit the Autostrada at Civitanova Marche / Macerata (49 km.) Choose an exit displaying a green light and a cash sign. Again, don't try to exit through the CARTE or TELEPASS barriers.

The picture on the left shows a manned exit (A hand holding the banknotes). You hand in your ticket and the amount to pay is displayed on a L.E.D. sign.

The toll Ancona Nord - Civitanova Marche (Macerata) was 2.50 Euros at the time of writing this page (Feb. 2006).

Roundabout motorway exit at Civitanova.When the barrier opens, drive forward 50 m. to the T-junction with roundabout. Look for traffic approaching from your left, go around the roundabout in an anticlockwise direction to take the road to the left.

200m turn right onto the SS77 superstrada in the direction FOLIGNO TOLENTINO MACERATA.

After 27 km. Exit the SS77 at MACERATA OVEST. Drive round the loop and turn right in direction ASCOLI PICENO SARNANO.

Stay on this main road 41 km to AMANDOLA. Total trip 90 minutes.

On the road to Amandola from the SS77 you will pass:-

Fiastra Abbey (Abbadia di Fiastra)
Directions for Urbisaglia
Traffic lights at Passo S. Angelo and direction for S. Ginesio and S. Angelo in Pontano.
Directions for Gualdo.
Directions for S. Ginesio.
Sarnano with directions for Sasso Tetto.

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