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Country House with pool.

Cantiano, Pésaro - Urbino, Le Marche, Italy.


Cantiano map.Cantiano is ideally situated in the Pésaro - Urbino Province of Le Marche. Less than one hours drive from Fano on the Adriatic coast and close to the Umbria border. Locally, apart from the town of Cantiano, there is Monte Catria and the Tecchie woods with lots of footpaths and nature walks.
A short drive to the beautiful Umbrian town of Gubbio with it's medieval streets of rosy pink stone houses with red roofs. The Apennine mountains forming a perfect backdrop. A drive to the north brings you to the university town of Urbino in the Montefeltro region where you can visit the famous Palazzo Ducale, dwarfing the surrounding buildings and reckoned by many as the most beautiful palace in Italy.
Cantiano is surrounded by Regional Parks of great beauty. Quite close is the Regional Park of Monte Cucco, just a short drive over the border into Umbria.
There's the Regional Park of the Gola della Rossa with the famous Frasassi Caves and the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Regional Park,  part of the Montefeltro area with walks suitable for children. 
The ancient territory of Montefeltro is a rugged highland area of north west Le Marche, a geological jewel of great beauty. Borders with San Marino, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, Montefeltro has a history of ancient wars, invasions by the barbarians and historic seat of dukes and many castles can be seen around the area. Despite the turbulent past of Montefeltro a great feeling of peace and quiet now reigns and a pleasant surprise awaits around every bend in the road for those who love culture and nature.
Fano is less than 1 hours drive away. Fano has an interesting historic centre, two beaches and a small fishing port. The beaches are not too crowded except maybe in August. You can hire your sunshade and deckchairs by the day or choose the free public beaches.


Falconara airport Ancona
99 km. of which 68 km. is motorway 1 hour 5 minutes
Forli airport
150 km. of which 120 km. is motorway. 1 hour 45 minutes.
230 km. of which 165 km. is motorway. 3 hours.
Adriatic coast (Fano)
56 km. 40 - 45 minutes.