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About Us

Le Marche, not very well known even to Italians until a few years ago. Now its fame is spreading, fired by the discovery of its spectacular scenery, easy going relaxed atmosphere and its diversity.

I am a British citizen, based in Le Marche and my website is dedicated to Le Marche. My name is Tony Weaver, originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, retired lecturer and training supervisor within a large engineering group.
I married an Italian girl a long time ago (1952) and we still live happily together. We both speak English and Italian.

I came to live in this fascinating region of Italy some years ago and would like to share my knowledge of the area with you. I will add new pages from time to time on subjects which I think will interest my visitors. I am always open to suggestion and like to hear from you (See contact page).

As regards accommodation, I act solely as an agents for the owners. I know all the owners personally and visit all properties advertised. I try to describe them accurately, I'm not into fancy travel aggent descriptions which give a false impression, I just describe what I see. I do not charge any commission, you pay exactly the same as dealing direct with the owner. The properties are usually situated in beautiful countryside or in a picturesque village. You are never too far away for visits to the National Park, Regional Parks or the Adriatic seaside. There are picturesque villages with art, museums and medieval architecture. Eating is quite inexpensive, most restaurants are family run and specialize in the regions local dishes.

Maybe you'd just like to relax, Marche is just the place. With very little industry, mostly agricultural, mountains or woodland, Le Marche air is clean and the water is very good straight from the tap. A great place to shed all your worries, stress and fatigue.
I want you to enjoy your stay in Le Marche. To this end I am willing to correspond with you regarding any holiday accommodation offered. You can make sure that it is right for you before you book.